About BETTER Timor

Everyone has the right to be educated

Through education we empower Timor. Bringing hope, opportunity and prosperity.


Together we will bring prosperity to our neighbours in East Timor.

Since BETTER was founded, we’ve been unwavering in our focus to deliver quality education systems in East Timor.

BETTER has already had success at our first school. We have given over 610 students the ability to complete senior school and in 2020, the school ranked fourth in the country’s National Exams.

Our second school will be built in the community of Same (Sah-may), our first progressively developed K-12 school. Coupled with BETTER’s bespoke curriculum endorsed by the Ministry of Education we are changing the reality of education in Timor.

Students Educated at the First School

Volunteers in Australia

Our Vision
By 2030 children across East Timor will have access to a BETTER education

 50% of the population in East Timor is 19 years and younger. A BETTER education improves children’s future prospects and provides a path out of poverty for themselves, their families and their country at large.

BETTER Board of Directors

Nathan Rossini

Director & Treasurer
  • Chartered Accountant >12 years in accounting, consulting, and advisory;
  • Key advisor to not-for-profits, private ancillary funds, listed and private companies;
  • Experienced with ACNC, ATO, ABR, governance and risk, supervising audits, and directing statutory compliance.

Andrew Simpson

B.Bus (Acc), CPA, MAICD
  • Over 20 years experience leading Global Service organisations and managing teams of over 1500 employees and 150 million annual revenue.
  • Current Executive Director at Breast Cancer Network Australia, and Consultant to Various NFP’s.
  • Current Director at Heavenly Hub Pty Ltd and former Director at SIRVA/Allied Pickfords, Santa Fe, and Decpiha
  • Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Richard Tangye

MA (Econ) OBE
  • 30 years business experience in North America, Europe & Asia;
  • 17 years of educational leadership in Europe & Asia;
  • Chairman, Knightsbridge Schools International. Board Member Veritas International Training Centre & St Dominic’s International School;
  • Lead Facilitator – Governance & Finance, The Principals Training Centre.

Ornella Byak

Founder & CEO
B.Tech & Innovation

  • 8 years experience delivering education in East Timor.
  • Built first school in 2014, educating over 610 students.
  • Director & Founding Member of LETS Timor,
  • Equity Capital Markets Executive at Olive Capital.
  • Involved in the IPO and capital raising of QMines Limited (ASX:QML) which raised over $15 million.

Ornella was a mere 14 years-old when she first ventured to East Timor. There she witnessed the stark contrast between her own education and that of her Timorese peers. Questions arose in her mind that could not be answered. A silent commitment then gave voice to a belief, which ignited a mission on Ornella’s return to Sydney…

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