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Your education will build education.

There is no rule book to giving…

It’s interesting to contemplate that your own education, no matter its stature, can build someone else’s. But it’s the simple truth. Your educated abilities can be put to life-changing good-use. A willingness to be involved is all you need to take you further and journey on with us to positively impact the lives of Timorese children.

There is not just one way to give. There is no rule book that sets the standard on giving either – that’s the beauty of it – because a gift is heartfelt. Your gift is yours to form, from your heart. If our beliefs and work resonate with you, then that personal alignment will form a connection, a friendship, and grow into a partnership.

We are calling to you. We’ve made it clear that we want & need you. BETTER & East Timor eagerly await your reply… what will you do?


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