Australian Volunteer Program

Education is the gift of a future

Unfortunately, that isn’t the reality for everyone so BETTER’s Education Program is here to change that!


Join our Family of Over 45-Strong Volunteers.

Our Australian Volunteer Program is the core and life-force of BETTER. Without our volunteers, we would not be able to accomplish our mission and we wouldn’t be here today.

BETTER is 100% volunteer lead with our volunteer workforce contributing approximately 200 hours per week. How we do this? We create a win-win partnership in which volunteers reach their own personal goals whilst assisting BETTER to achieve our vision.

Better's Volunteers

We are proud to introduce you to a handful of our BETTER Volunteer-Force!


Annie is the Team Leader responsible for Curriculum Development Team.

Annie says

“BETTER gives hope and a pathway to a better future for children who don’t have the same opportunities as Australian kids. As a teacher & education writer it is good to use my skills for something so worthwhile.”

Margie Beck

My name is Margie Beck. I began my teaching career in 1970, finally ending up in Timor-Leste for 20 years at the Catholic Teachers College in Baucau. Here I was a lecturer and an administrator, but I did a lot of professional development of teachers in schools throughout the country. Being fluent in Tetum has been a great advantage in my work.

I retired in May this year but am very happy to make some contribution to BETTER Timor.


Michael is a member of the BETTER Research Team quantifying to the world, all we do and why we do it.

Michael says,

“Volunteering with BETTER has expanded the peripheries of my skills & aspirations. My abilities are challenged in the best way possible, I gain new experience while working with a warm & diverse group of people, for the betterment of those in need. It is an honour & pleasure to work for such a cause.”


Nikki is a member of the BETTER Marketing Team. She is integral to SEO and our website analytics.

Nikki shares,

“I love using my digital marketing know-how to spread all the amazing things BETTER does for communities of East Timor.”

Paul Yates

Paul is a member of the BETTER Marketing team, responsible for the website’s look, feel and functionality.

Paul says:

“I love getting the chance to work as part of the team with BETTER. Working together to ensure everyone has access to education is incredibly rewarding.”


Rodrigo is the Team Leader, responsible for the BETTER Salesforce & Data Teams.

Rodrigo shares,

“BETTER values and truly believes that widespread quality is the solution for most of the world’s problems. I feel like I am making a difference! It is extremely rewarding!

Current Volunteer Opportunities with BETTER Timor

Make A Difference for the BETTER

We’re recruiting! Not sure how your skills exactly fit? Please send us your resume instead. Email us at: [email protected]

Have something else in mind? We’d love to hear your ideas and we’d love to hear from you. It is like-minded and like-hearted people like you that make the world BETTER. We need you! Contact us now!

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