Why East Timor?

Our neighbours in need.

East Timor is located only 700km northwest of Darwin.

We are so close, yet worlds apart in terms of quality of life and access to education.

East Timor is one of Australia’s closest neighbour, yet 42% of the population live below the poverty line.

For our closest neighbouring country, it’s hard to believe times are always tough. Did you know that 50% of East Timor’s population is made up of young people and children: 19-years-old and younger? Yes, their population ratio is that dramatically out of kilter due to their poverty.

East Timor ranks very low, at 147, out of a total of 187 countries listed on the UN’s Human Development Index. The next statistic we are going to quote is no better; 42% of their citizens live below the poverty line. With life expectancy also being so low, it is clear East Timor is in need.

East Timor’s population is 1.3 million


of the population are 19 years or younger.

is East Timor’s GDP per capita ranked out of 194 countries.


is the literacy rate in East Timor.


...of preschool aged children are not enrolled in school.


of Year 1 students fail basic learning outcomes.


of Timorese left or never attended school.

Why Educate?

Only 20% of East Timor children attend primary school. 92% of those don’t go on to high school.

Without access to adequate education, people are unable to acquire the skills, knowledge, and tools to improve their quality of life.

The long-term results are a continual decline in the country’s economic sustainability.

Evidence from around the world shows that improving school infrastructure by providing a safe learning environment inclusive of sanitation, hygiene, and nutrition, combined with a tailored curriculum, leads to better learning outcomes. Sadly, these elements are missing from the highly limited education available in East Timor.

We’ve begun creating change.

Volunteers working in Australia

Students educated at the first school

Sites gifted for the second school

BETTER’s evidence-based research backs-up what we do and why…

Creating Prosperity for East Timor Benefits Australia too.

BETTER heads-up an Education Program and a Volunteer Program. Our Volunteer Program is how we accomplish the fulfilment of our Education Program. Without volunteers, working together side-by-side with us, we would not be able to accomplish all we have in so little time. It’s a joint effort!

We are currently a 60-strong volunteer base of people. We work for each other in the achievement of BETTER’s vision and mission.

You can join us! Become a BETTER Volunteer and start the journey of a lifetime and create friendships for a lifetime!

You will receive training and skills that will set you apart. Through experience you will grow and be rewarded for your invaluable contribution to a life-changing humanitarian cause.

It’s win-win for you, for us, for East Timor – together!

Giving education is the gift of a future.

Without education, 50% of East Timor – made up of young adults & children – cannot improve their life status. With future prospects, children are free to dream of success. Their success restores hope.

It’s a Win-Win Philosophy We Believe in!

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