Strategic Plan

The impact of a BETTER education ripples beyond our students​

Our vision​

By 2030 By 2030 children across East Timor will have access to a BETTER education.​

Our mission​

Our mission is to give East Timor a hand up through revolutionary education, not a hand out.​

Our aspiration​

Set a new national education standard in East Timor.​​

Our strategic goals​

BETTER has developed a strategic plan (2021 – 2030) with three key focus areas and three associated objectsives to assist BETTER deliver its vision and mission and ensure our sustainability as a charitable organisation

Strategic Priority 1: Education & Training

  • Develop a bespoke practical curriculum based on best practice, giving consideration to both Australian and East Timorese education systems​
  • Develop metric driven, measurable checkpoints for students to demonstrate progress and suitability of the curriculum​
  • Create a sustainable teacher training program based on performance metrics to deliver the highest standards of education to BETTER students

Strategic Priority 2: Sustainability

  • Provide resources and guidance to the East Timorese so that they can continue BETTER’s vision into the future​
  • Recruit a local team on the ground to empower the East Timorese and enable oversight of construction and community-based programs as they are developed​
  • East Timor is leading the delivery of quality education without the need for BETTER’s involvement​

Strategic Priority 3: Advocacy

  • BETTER’s impact can be measured using an objective tool that demonstrates success and increases BETTER’s profile​
  • BETTER achieves credibility in the market by demonstrating an increased impact and sharing stories regarding student success​
  • Government bodies in both Australia and East Timor are advocates of BETTER’s work and impact