The impact of a BETTER education ripples beyond our students​

BETTER’s volunteers are the engine room of our on the ground operations. Without our volunteers, we cannot operate and build BETTER futures through education in Timor.

BETTER has more than 45 active Australian unpaid volunteers, contributing more than 200+ hours per week, working remotely and flexibly in a way that works BETTER for them.​

Why Volunteer with BETTER?

At BETTER, we’re more than just a charity; we’re a dedicated community of individuals committed to making a positive impact in East Timor and 96% of our team are proud to be a volunteer at BETTER. ​

Our success is powered by our passionate volunteers, and we’re always on the lookout for individuals who have the talent to “help BETTER be BETTER.” ​

We believe in cultivating a “win-win relationship.” Your involvement with BETTER isn’t just about giving; it’s about your own growth and skill development to help you in your career. And this shows with over 10% of our volunteers being employed or promoted within 3 months of volunteering with BETTER. ​

BETTER’s volunteers are changing the lives of children in East Timor and leaving a lasting legacy in their communities.


Current Volunteer Opportunities with BETTER Timor

Lower Primary Teacher – Lesson Plan Creator

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Tetun Translator

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