July 12, 2018

Results From Cailaco

I conducted a Stage 2 (Australian year 3 and 4) Mathematics test on student in year 8 aged between 13-17 with an average age of 15. The results ranged from 1-11/29 with an average of 5.36. The full results are as below. The sister then showed me where these students were living.

Students from year 4-9 aging from just 10 years old where staying in the houses as pictured below with no family and looking after themselves. As there is no school in the mountains the parents have helped the children have accommodation near the school to help them and do what they can to give their children some sort of education.

As there is no high school in the area students often finish their education after middle school. However, some are unable to make it that far with 5 known incidences of pregnancy in the past year with many unknown.

The conditions these children are living in to receive an education is astounding. And the education they are living in these situations for is appalling if I’m being polite. The reality these students face is unexplainable. You will need to see it for yourself to believe it.